Wednesday, August 12, 2009

friday 08.07.09

'something from "freebird"...'

just another friday night at the echo with deniz. having some pitchers, some fish fry, and scoring some birthday cake from the bartender. nick joined after work to help with the spotted cow. deniz and i already left heidi and kathy – two of our other co-workers – after a drink at the club tavern in middleton. they didn’t have any happy hour left in them, but deniz and i were in for the long haul; it’s friday!


thursday 08.06.09

dinner at a local mexican joint with colin. we went to…a place with a lot of ‘open’ signs in their windows. which was good, cuz i was hungry. and they had potato tacos (add abocado, please). which were surprisingly delicious. colin was envious. and he was also sporting a newly trimmed beard, which is slowly working its way into not being a beard.


wednesday 08.05.09

'and i've written pages upon pages trying to rid you from my bones...'

‘heartless bastards’! jamming out the overture, getting the crowd all riled and rowdy for ‘the decemeberists’. well, i suppose the gigantic douche bags sitting behind nick and me (and ryan) did the riling for the crowd in balcony number one. regardless, the live music was an excellent excellent mid-week energizer. the decemberists again rocked with their ‘hazards of love’ album all the way through like a rock opera, and followed up with a second set and an encore. with every listen to a CD, or concert i attend, i'm always impressed by how much colin meloy's lyrics frighten yet delight me.


Monday, August 10, 2009

tuesday 08.04.09

yea, that's right. pete dogg. pete dogg in 'the bluff'. thaaaank you jenny ellefson! i arrived home after work and a sushi happy hour to this little gem waiting in my mailbox. check the date - 2004. vintage bluff from 2004. fake news featuring uw-l legend - pete 'international house of pete dogg' dogg. a better gift has/will never come to my mailbox.


monday 08.03.09

'boy i think that i'm in love with you...'

bi-annual barriques staff meeting. manager tracy, with her sport tea (as per usual), listening on to owner matt share with the barriquers of old sauk road all the upcoming menu changes. liz and i were spared an hour of work as the meeting started an hour before the store typically closes, so our dozen or so co-workers came in and cleaned the bathrooms, took out the trash, mopped the floors...good team work, guys. it's important to note, there was some unfortunate jessica simpson going on over the stereo; no one is really sure how that happened, but nobody was happy about it.


sunday 08.02.09

at colin’s. re-living the festivities of saturday’s wedding, and listening to anecdotes from his week vacationing in portland. only in wisconsin summer 2009 can you start sitting outside because it is too hot inside, only to move inside an hour later because it has become too cold. thank you, august. and perhaps only at colin's can you find a skull and a box of matches sitting next to a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette.


saturday 08.01.09


big day for s&m!! steven & megan’s big day. their wedding day! sitting at dinner with alli, chris, marissa, nina, and sarah. and seated allll the way in the back. far back. all the way in the far back corner. should we be offended? maybe. but…
...did we break out into a fit of giggles in the middle (beginning and end) of the blessing?
...and did we decide to not watch the cake cutting because ‘you can look at pictures online; you can’t drink online’?
...and did we cheer and clap and holler during the family and wedding party toasts?

were they justified putting us in the back? well, i’ll let you decide on your own. but remember – sitting all the way in the back corner only meant we had to be louder to make our presence known.


friday 07.31.09

for the first time ever ever ever, i forgot! how did i forget to take a picture?? had i remembered, you would have seen my co-worker from uwmf, deniz, tasting a lot of dry and a little bit of sweet white wines at the barriques on monroe street. but i forgot! so here is a picture of me driving home around 9pm. deniz and i were so wrapped in conversation about life, living, loving, working that i forgot!


thursday 07.30.09

cleaning up after my dinner. the friday morning starts at my primary care clinic for my cholesterol test at 7:15, so i have to be fasting for twelve hours prior. ugh. i contemplated a yoga class post-dinner, but opted to read in the backyard with my wine (oooo – that’s gonna make me fail my cholesterol test. damn!) for a bit then take my bike out for a quick spin in the remaining light. what am i going to do when i get back from europe and the sun goes into hiding before 8pm? i don’t know if i can take another winter of darkness and hibernation.